RJX targets Critical Limb Ischemia patients facing amputation as well as a larger patient population suffering PAD and other vascular related medical conditions.

RJX was designed to provide circulatory relief for patients in advanced stages of peripheral arterial disease such as critical limb ischemia. In such patients, the cardiovascular system adopts a dysfunction in which it builds plaque in the arteries. This impairs circulation while additionally having a negative impact on the transfer of oxygen and nutrients as well as the removal of waste products from the tissues being served. As the buildup of arterial plaque- progresses, it can lead to a variety of complications including:

  • neuropathy;
  • loss of strength or sense of touch and
  • infection and/or tissue necrosis.

Unfortunately, existing treatments to serve patients are limited. Conventional interventions such as balloon angioplasty, stents, atherectomies, or bypasses, can locally assist circulation, but often are only temporary in effect. In the direst of cases, infections or tissue necrosis may progress to require limb amputation. While these interventions draw attention to the treated area, they do not address deficiencies in the balance of the circulatory system. As a consequence, overall mobility, stamina, health, and quality of life overall typically continue to decline over time.

To address this gap in care, RJX was developed using a proprietary combination of known chemical entities that are dissolved in a specially formulated and buffered aqueous solution. The drug is administered parenterally several times a week over an extended period to achieve its full effect.

In its inception, RJX was designed to focus on endovascular health, particularly for improved:

  • perfusion
  • endothelial function
  • oxygenation
  • metabolism

Reven is currently conducting a Phase 1 clinical study in the United States.

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